FRISUR blends classic German design with Scandinavian minimalism, a principle derived from the Danish border where the label was founded in 2007. The founders themselves call the company their creative playground and illustrate the tension of opposites and contrasts, while specializing in contemporary design and quality construction. What we love about the company is the fact that they are committed to sustainability, cooperating with EU-based suppliers. Through every collection FRISUR is reinventing itself, an ever changing picture of selected topics is the guiding principle that makes each collection fascinating. The AW 15/16 collection named Arctica employs mono-color looks aside color blocking sets and exaggerated proportions. We’ve already picked our favorite items. Your turn!


Frisur_Women_AW15_09 Frisur_Women_AW15_05

Frisur_Women_AW15_17 Frisur_Women_AW15_16

Frisur_Women_AW15_29 Frisur_Women_AW15_10

Frisur_Women_AW15_11 Frisur_Women_AW15_21

Frisur_Men_AW15_12 Frisur_Men_AW15_08

Frisur_Men_AW15_13 Frisur_Men_AW15_06

Frisur_Men_AW15_09 Frisur_Men_AW15_05

Frisur_Men_AW15_11 Frisur_Men_AW15_18


Photography — Erik Lundback
Styling — Travis Wayne
Hair & Make up —  Thomas McEntee
Model — Sandra J. & Edvin M. of Stockholmsgruppen