Issever Bahri



Waiting in line outside the stage room, an eclectic soundtrack that calls to mind dark moments of David Lynch, Alice and Wonderland, Film Noir, mixed with scratches of white noise, beat through the curtain barrier. ISSEVER BAHRI might not have produced a show where their models glided down the runway, but rather they set up a air of suspense, released us into the room, which displayed models in an illuminated blue aura of cool light. For several minutes everyone stood several feet away from the models completely entranced, as well as baffled by the artistic performance before them.

I must confess, I had seen this collection the day before at Collect Showroom and I wasn’t entirely convinced by the separate pieces displayed on hangers. Seeing how the pieces work on the female form, however, completely changed my point of view. Much like my moment of conversion, there was a sudden movement and frenzy within the room, and it was like bees to honey!!! After those few moments of distance and silence from onlookers, there was no longer peace or even space to squeeze into get pictures of the collection! The collection might not be for everyone, but the craftsmanship and care that was put into each piece is undeniable-one of the design duo’s best output yet. Honestly, who can deny the power of great open knits and crochets for summertime, especially when they replace fishnet tights?