Julia Seemann

In her newest collection “Never Land” for Fall/Winter 2019, the Swiss fashion designer Julia Seemann brings together several styles of party and streetwear, combining a 90s raver look with a dark techno vibe.

After her diploma, the young fashion designer moved to London where she completed an internship with popular designers such as Vivienne Westwood.

Drawing on intense research from art, music and party cultures, Seemann was particularly inspired by her personal experiences at “More Than Mode”, one of Zurich’s most iconic party series. Gothic platform shoes contrast with pastel skirts, jackets and loose-fitting trousers, shaping the collection with a feminine edge.

While the earrings are striking, decorated with rhinestones and sparkling, the boots are heavy and dark. A filigreed sparkling butterfly adornes some of the clothes, while her shirts and pullovers are labeled with gothic slogans. Seemann even mixes various silhouettes and textures, combining contemporary, figure-hugging tops and trousers with cuts inspired by the 90s.

For this year’s collection, Seemann teamed up with the Swiss eyewear brand VIU to create the BATCAVER sunglasses – a sharp, geometric it-piece also reminiscent of the 90s.
In “Never Land”, Seemann has designed an extravagant, edgy, yet timeless look, precisely because she unites so much in one collection.


Photography – James Bantone
Styling – Noëmi Ceresola
Model – Yvonne Du
Hair & Make-up – Helve Leal
Photo Assistent – Naemi Doloress
Supported by – Pro Helvetia