Katarína Támová: Dark Sight

Katarina Tamova

Slovakian photographer Katarína Támová shares her latest editorial Dark Sight with Œ Magazine. In collaboration with Irish fashion designer Bláthnaid McClean, Katarína captures these stunning billowing designs in this striking rural setting near Dublin, where she is now based.

With her grainy black and white imagery, she captures the liminal boundary between nature and modernity, beauty and urban decay perfectly. Her photography possesses both a timeless, ethereal quality, whilst simultaneously capturing something dark and haunting, interweaving a strong narrative into her work.

You can see more of her work on her tumblr: www.katarinatamova.tumblr.com

Katarina Tamova_Dublin04

Katarina Tamova_Dublin06

Katarina Tamova_Dublin09

Katarina Tamova_Dublin12

Katarina Tamova_Dublin10

Katarina Tamova_Dublin08

Katarina Tamova_Dublin01

Photographer: Katarína Támová
Designer: Bláthnaid McClean
Hair and Makeup: Samantha Mulligan, Kate Tobin
Model: Victoria Carney @Morgan The Agency