Kombinat Kollektionen

KOKO Kombinat Kollektionen


Everyone is constantly on the hunt for something new. We all love exhibitions we’ve never seen before, places we never traveled to and clubs we never danced in. Œ Magazine feels the same way when it comes to new design talents. We are craving for exciting ideas, realized in wearable garments that are refreshing and different. With a thirst for discovery, Œ Magazine went to see the HTW Graduate Fashion Show “KOKO Kombinat Kollektionen” at HO | Berlin to gaze at the creative output of 13 young design minds from Berlin.

Four graduates caught our attention – Let us tell you why.

With the 13 collections, we saw a continued futuristic trend as well as an ongoing love affair with minimalism. White, whiter, bright. Clean cuts, boxy shapes and unusual material such as liquid latex, rubber and neoprene were present in the collections. Considering we’re in Germany, refined minimalism was to be expected, but we definitely fell harder for the more playful pieces.

“Method in My Madness”

Simone Klimmeck and Viktoria Klostermann, had statement pieces, which we fell in love with. A long leather vest, adorned with smart pockets and flashy red details caught our attention next to the all-white ensemble whose shapes, cuts and materials stood out from the austerity of the monochromatic look.



“tsuru no ongaeshi”

We love eccentric accessories and we certainly couldn’t peel our eyes away from the glasses created by Aline Hollstein. A definite editorial piece that brought together colors, shiny materials and knitwear.


„Texture + Cream“

Elisabeth Cholewa employed the most experimental fabrics of all the designers in her collection. Her creations were crafted from liquid latex, begging for our touch. We wanted to, but unfortunately, we couldn’t.



„fi ak fale – hier und dort“

The collection of Buki Akomolafe was rather unexpected – she surprised the audience, and us, in a refreshing way. The chosen pattern and colors are funky, supported by great styling and beautiful head pieces. Influenced by her African roots, Akomolafe fascinated uswith her modern interpretation of an ethno/African fashion collection. The coat most definitely was one of our highlights.



We wish all graduates a lot of luck for the future! Hope to see you soon.

P.S.: Hien Le and Vladimir Karaleev both graduated at HTW Berlin and are now one of Œ‘s favorite Labels.