Monkey 47

Monkey 47 Gin European Design Awardsvia European Design Awards

With ‘Dry January’ drawing to a close, and any New Year’s resolutions long since laid to rest, a reconnection with your inner lush is perhaps overdue. From martinis to gimlets to a simple splash with tonic, most versatile of all tipples is no doubt gin, which, while loathed by some, has found widespread favour thanks to former claims of its medicinal values and its heady perfume.

A flick through the spirit’s story will lead any researcher across the channel to the home of Gordon’s, Hendrick’s and Sipsmith, or to the Benelux, where jenever has long and proud history. Yet from their base in Germany’s Black Forest, a perhaps unexpected location for gin distillation, Alexander Stein and Christoph Keller are making an indelible mark on the liquor world with Monkey 47.

Infused with a 47 botanical ingredients, amongst them chamomile, lemongrass and lavender, it is unparalleled in its complexity and robustness. The only thing that comes close to surpassing its taste is the packaging, a nod to the tipple’s medicinal heritage, a corked brown apothecary bottle. Were there any way to fall from the detox wagon, it would surely be with a Monkey 47 and tonic (preferably Thomas Henry) in hand.

And where can you go about procuring yourself a bottle, you ask? Selected retailers carry the gin, Voo Store and Baerck among them.

(It of course goes without saying that Monkey 47 Gin, and any alcoholic beverages, should be enjoyed responsibly.)