Namilia – successful, popular, contemporary.

Having Paris Hilton on their catwalk for the current collection, the brand could not only impress with their unmistakable design but also with celebrity faces.

In their latest collection, the artists behind Namilia have created a tribute to women, deciding to ‘re-establish the eternal glory of the feminine’. Using chains, ribbons and buckles as accessories, the ‘Awoman’ collection consists of wide, deconstructed trousers, and maxi skirts with tight tops and cut outs. These are perfectly positioned, as they catch attention and are striking, but do not show too much skin. As with previous collections, the style is pure, daring and sexy, yet challenges notions of how women should dress.

The fabrics as well as colours vary, with metallic highlights sometimes accentuating plainer tones. The clothes themselves are made up of a multitude of parts: certain shoes have a gothic look, and wouldn’t be out of place in a cosplay costume, while other garments are reminiscent of outfits worn on a race track. With the use of glitter and latex, parts of the collection have the flair of extravagant underground parties and rave fashion.

A ‘Daddy’s angel’ slogan labelled across some of the clothes, while on others the words ‘wet&wild’ is emblazoned, emphasising the collection’s provocative message.

What do the baby pink Moto set and the phallus-shaped bra (‘Dickini’) have in common? The sweet irony that being an emancipated, free woman means embracing your sexuality and standing on your own feet. In this sense an Awomen to all those who dare to wear fashionable statements and make a difference.

Models – Paris HiltonJimmy Neutch- Shumpert, Chinqpink, Erin, Johanna 
Show Production – Kelly Cutrone, People’s Revolution
Casting Director – Ricky Michiels
Makeup – KabukiMake-Up Pro New York
Hair– Charlie Price, Vidal Sassoon
Nails – Gina “The Hand”
Shoes – Newrock