Sabrina Dehoff Gemstone Carré Ring


This week’s item comes from renowned jeweller Sabrina Dehoff, voted among the world’s 10 best jewellery designers in Die Welt’s Online Luxury Guide.

Though the 9 collections revealed thus far may be distinct, each keeps to the brand’s signature aesthetic: understatedly elegant, with sharp geometry balanced by natural forms.

The brand’s latest line, ‘’Under Influence’’, demonstrates this perfectly, effortlessly harmonising the properties of its component materials. With the Gemstone Carré ring, the natural contours of the embedded gemstone are complemented and accentuated by the graphic outlines of its golden frame. The result is sleek, yet simultaneously eye-catching in its bold, modern design.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift, or just treating yourself, be sure to head to Sabrina Dehoff’s outpost at Torstraße 175, or head to their website, where you’ll find the ring in a range of colours.Sabrina DehoffAll images via Sabrina Dehoff