SLOE Berlin

SLOE_anemona+white flag skirt

Berlin fashion label SLOE is taking a new approach to bag design.
 Launched in 2012 by fashion designer Antonia Siegmund and graphic designer Matthias Last, the label produces simple, understated design in the very best of quality. The products, including its signature style leather bucket bags, are wisely thought-out, focusing on form and function and are produced in small European companies under fair conditions. SLOE bags are steady and long – lasting companions for life; not just a season.

After receiving her diploma from Central Saint Martins London, Antonia Siegmund moved to Berlin to pursue a future career in fashion; everything else is history. The two designers met, marveled in their shared works and interests, and for one reason or another, started thinking and talking about bags. “I think because we both thought that there were just not enough bags that are simple,” stated Antonia Siegmund in an interview. Coming from different design directions, the two designers complement one another and thus can analyze and observe simplicity from different angles. From the start, the duo harnessed the different attitudes and feelings inspired by Berlin.

It was not long before the two started to seriously consider expanding their line to include garments. Effortlessly cool, their garments express a kind of urban grace indigenous to the city. Simple and clean cut, the pieces certainly borrow some details from their handbag counterparts. The SLOE collection today includes bags, limited edition clothing and accessories.

‘Fade into blue’ is the title of SLOE’s latest summer collection, which in all its beauty and poetry, takes you on a beach trip filled with comfort and freedom. Wide and airy T-shirts and A-line trousers seeped in simplicity are combined with sophisticated urban accessories. 
Let’s keep an eye on this one! Summer, here we come!

SLOE_puritan glaze

SLOE_fringe shell


SLOE_black coral2

SLOE_oyster shirt+laguna trousers

envelope and net

Photography: Mirjam Wählen