Hailing from Tel-Aviv and Stockholm, Berlin-based designers Idan Gilgony and Fanny Lawaetz combine design influences from their roots to create a unique strain of minimalist garments that is at once expressive and austere for their unisex label UY. Each collection transforms wardrobe basics into dramatic showpieces cloaked with ritualistic flair.

Founded in 2013, UY was born from the designers’ growing frustration with the astronomical price points of luxury wear. As fashion students, both Gilgony and Lawetz began designing basic pieces with irregular details to wear, soon garnering attention and curiosity within their social circles. With some peer encouragement, the designers started to map out the blueprints for what would become UY.

UY currently offers a small selection of looks through their online shop and hopes to open up its first shop offering the full range in late summer. Until then, appease your needs here!

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Photography : Michal andrysia
Styling:  Kevin Meunier