Wilkosz & Way


Often mistaken for being a couple, this photographer duo’s relationship is merely professional. Marta Wilkosz and Jeff Way met at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Canada where they both studied at the time. After graduating they teamed up, producing commercially-oriented work. Wanting to focus more on their art instead of constantly having to accept big and less creative assignments, they moved together with their families to our liberating and open-minded city. Wilkosz & Way commenced with analog photography having their own dark room to develop images. They spend more time preparing an assignment than the shoot itself since they don’t believe in adjusting a lot of major elements during the post-production process.

A distinctive casting of models marks Marta and Jeff’s work, often using unusual faces granting an edgy appeal. Their subjects are often captured sunken in deep thoughts and immersed in a poetic state.  This form of storytelling can be traced back to their earlier analog work, where the focus was on documentary photography. Aside from working for many independent publications, the duo had the opportunity to photograph Dawid Tomaszewski’s beautiful designs for his campaign.

For anyone curious about their latest work, be sure to check out Œ’s upcoming issue!

Find more here: wilkoszandway.com

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