YStudio Rollerball Pen

Item Nowadays, most of the writing we do is on the computer, with handwriting becoming ever more redundant. With this digital format, the continuous editing of our thoughts is made possible, but at what expense? While things may be ‘easier’, it would seem that the immediacy, and even sincerity, of our letters, drawings and creative outpourings is consequently reduced, with matters of the heart reduced to formulaic expressions. With their series of pens, YStudio is seeking to reintroduce a lost warmth and purity into the act of writing.

“We want to remind people of the beautiful things that have been forgotten as time goes by. This shared thought impelled us to establish this brand.”

The pens themselves, a favourite of ours being the above seen Rollerball Pen, are crafted from premium natural materials such as copper and bronze.  Their substantial designs naturally give the pens a good weight, reminding us of the responsibility for each line and character that we trace.


Each product is handcrafted by Taiwanese artisans, promising a durability that can only be assured by their decades of experience. Not only is the Rollerball Pen aesthetically pleasing, but its weight and comfortable grip ensure smooth, clean lines, bettering even the worst chicken scratch.
If you’re inspired to return to the fundamentals of penmanship, the rollerball pen is available at Andreas Murkudis, as well as online at KOHEZI, a beautiful online shop specialising in objects of striking, clean design.