Rita in Palma

In Neukölln’s Schillerkiez, perhaps better known for its bars and proximity to the expanses of Tempelhofer Feld than for its reputation as a centre for handcrafted luxury goods, Ann-Kathrin Carstensen has created a veritable destination for jewellery aficionados well worth the journey down the U8. Founded in 2010, Rita in Palma offers hand-crafted crocheted jewellery and accessories, featuring exquisite “collars, colliers, bowties, exclusive silk scarves and bags”, thus demonstrating the extent to which Rita in Palma’s creative output is as varied as it is refreshingly unique.


The delicate beauty of each design aside, Rita in Palma is worthy of attention for its engagement with its wider community. Since it’s inception, the brand has worked closely with women from the local Turkish community, drawing from a wealth of inter-generational creative expertise, while allowing reprieve from long-term and unemployment and a sturdy boost into the workforce.

Shown in the newly revealed lookbook below, this collection marks it’s sixth, keeping to the brand’s established trademarks of intricate lace-like crochet work and detailed embroidery. Yet perhaps more so than in previous work, this collection brims over with svelte opulence, with a Swarovski embroidered evening bag and collars fringed with feathers making particularly lasting impressions. RitainPalma_No6_03_web RitainPalma_No6_06_web RitainPalma_No6_09_web RitainPalma_No6_13_web RitainPalma_No6_14_web RitainPalma_No6_15_web RitainPalma_No6_16_web RitainPalma_No6_17_web RitainPalma_No6_20_web RitainPalma_No6_21_web RitainPalma_No6_22_web RitainPalma_No6_23_web RitainPalma_No6_26_web

If you are unable to make it to Rita in Palma’s brick-and-mortar outpost at Kienitzer Straße 101, be sure to browse their online space, which features the entire collection, as well as information regarding numerous physical stockists worldwide.

Photography | Myriam Lutz
Hair & Make Up
| Stefanie Slawik
| Vanessa & Greta (Viva Models)