The female gaze



Œ Magazine is proud to announce the arrival of its 9th issue “The Female Gaze”, offering up 10 brilliant new editorials conceived solely by women.

The merging of fashion with the highly relevant topic of female empowerment is the core of Œ Magazine’s 9th Issue. Ten talented teams of women create ten vastly different fashion landscapes and stories that touch upon the strength, vulnerability and creativity of feminine power.

For this issue, Œ Magazine’s own Phuong Lam stepped into the role of Fashion Director, galvanizing some of Berlin’s finest female photographers, stylists and hair & make-up artists to produce profoundly personal works that provoke and excite rather than serving as mere vehicles for commerce. Creative Director Lisa Borges’ keen sense for storytelling brings depth to each editorial with compelling graphics and memorable literary/lyrical quotes.

ΠMagazine is utterly proud of our contributors Рall talented and accomplished women in their own right. May this be a celebration of their power and a small step forward in the advancement of women fashion.

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