Building a legacy for the future



Every era leaves a legacy for the generations that follow. Just as the individual forms a personality through the specific circumstances created by each unique family history, our collective consciousness is forged by discoveries, successes and tragedies of time past.

For good or bad, every new generation is a reaction to its predecessor, and nowhere are these shifts more pervasively or visually brought to life than in the vibrant, highly reactive and eternally transient world of fashion. This brings us to the modest legacy of issue 5 of ΠMagazine, in which the Bright Young Hopefuls of Berlin present their creative vision of the here and now.


Florian Kolmer | Georg Roske | Johanna Ruebel | Kerstin Jacobsen | Louis Vignat | Max Zerrahn | Patricia Schichl | Patrick Houi | Tintin Jonsson | Wilkosz & Way


Alexandra Dietl | Ana Salgado de los Angeles | Anja Niedermeier Arjen Roos | Aude Jamier | Dana Roski | Maven | Nina Byttebier | Phuong Lam | Rainer Metz | Sebastiano Ragusa | Théophile Hermand

Hair & Make-Up Artists

Agnieszka Schillert | Alicja Wilkosz | Ariane Stippa | Christian Fritzenwanker | Julie Skok | Marco Hülsebus | Maura Camilla Cocco | Sonja Shenouda | Stefan Kehl

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